Welcome! I'm Jasmine Brinton, a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, Makeup Artist, and the proud Owner of Jasmine Skin Care Studio. With over 26 years of experience in healing skin and implementing healthy aging strategies, I blend hands-on expertise with proven scientific methods in skincare.

My specialization lies in creating radiant skin for individuals of every ethnicity and skin tone, embracing diversity across all colors and genders.


[LOS ANGELES, CA] — Jasmine Brinton, founder of Jasmine Skincare + Lash Studio and a licensed estheticiansince 2002, is taking aesthetics to a whole new level.

What makes Jasmine and her esthetics business stand out is her approach to skincare and her method of working with clients.

First, Jasmine believes in the power of educating clients about their skin.

Secondly, deeply inspired by health, science, spirituality and fitness, Jasmine takes a three-fold approach to treating clients: mind, body and spirit.  

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, certified yoga teacher and breath work instructor, Jasmine combines all these modalities to her esthetics practice.

Raised with an appreciation for science and conservation, Jasmine applies her knowledge of chemistry to curate treatments using plant-based ingredients and science-backed formulations that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

Her dedication to personalized care has earned her a diverse and loyal clientele, as she addresses a wide range of skin types and concerns, from acne-prone skin to pro-aging treatments.

With years of experience, guaranteed results, a deep passion for skincare and
knowledge of skin science, Jasmine has garnered a diverse and loyal clientele.

She focuses on personalized approaches for each client, treating a wide range
of skin types and concerns.

From acne-prone skin to PRO-aging treatments, she combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested techniques to deliver unparalleled results.

Jasmine considers the client as a whole:

  • ethnicity,
  • age,
  • nutrition
  • lifestyle,

to achieve optimal results. 

Unlike traditional estheticians, Jasmine believes in the power of customization and education.

She understands that each individual's skin is unique and requires individualized care.

Jasmine approaches her business with the adage "teach someone to fish, they
will eat for the rest of their life.

Meaning that Jasmine’s clients leave her studio with a written plan on how to maintain their results.

“Treatment from me is not a ‘one and done thing.’ I create a roadmap for client’s to utilize, if they wish, to maintain gorgeous skin,” Jasmine says,

“There really is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the light in someone's eyes, with whom I have

“It's a gift I get to give each client, knowing that they can then apply this info and have healthy skin for life.”


Another popular aspect of JSC’s service roster is her brow and lash services. They are bar none, with years of happy clients, she provides flawless results every time.

In addition to offering specialized facials, her eyebrow shaping, brow
waxing, tints, brow lamination, and eyelash lifts are highly sought-after by making the face
instantly prettier.


One of the other hallmarks of JSC’s approach is her commitment to using only the highest quality, science-backed skincare products.

Jasmine meticulously researches each product based on its efficacy, safety, integrity, technology and efficiency, ensuring that her clients receive the best possible care without compromise.

Jasmine regularly attends advanced skin care seminars, symposiums and classes to strengthen her ability to treat skin.

She works closely with the founders of brands such as Lira Clinical, Face Reality, Bio Repeel, Skin Script and more. Jasmine has literally worked and trained with virtually every major beauty brand in her long career in the beauty industry.


One of Jasmine’s favorite areas of specialization is in treating acne and rosacea clients.

Jasmine is a certified acne specialist and has created a comprehensive boot camps for both skin disorders, acne and rosacea, and boasts a 97% clearing rate amongst acne clients.

For the rosacea clients, she has witnessed her boot camp grads returning with feedback, via her reviews, such as, “This is the first time I have felt comfortable in my skin” or “Jasmine is
a god-send.”

Jasmine grew up with rosacea and dealt with the frustration of the cyclical nature of the disorder. Shunning harmful medications that cause more harm than good, Jasmine was inspired to find a better way to manage rosacea and created her own education and treatment model for this progressive and chronic condition.


Her “Rosacea Bootcamp,” she calls it, is her one of her specialties.

Through years of research and hands-on practice with real life clients, Jasmine has a deep understanding of how to treat rosacea.

She’ll take clients who know little to nothing about the condition, educate them and build them a regimen that actually provides results.

Rosacea is a lifelong skin condition and without proper treatment, it will only get worse.

Jasmine has changed many lives with her boot camps, and continues to raise
awareness for Rosacea patients through her practice. 

As for the future of Jasmine Skincare, Jasmine in very interested in cultivating new talent, leading a team, creating a skin care line and possibly franchising.

Jasmine is dedicated to sharing her expertise with others in the industry and with her “walking encyclopedia-like knowledge of skin care;” Jasmine is primed to be the next great innovator.

Currently, she conducts (and is available) for workshops, training and one-on-one sessions to educate both clients and aspiring or fellow estheticians with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their craft or personal skin care journey. 

With her dedication to excellence and unparalleled expertise, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on the beauty industry for years to come.

As Jasmine continues to push the boundaries of skincare innovation, she remains committed to her mission of helping people look and feel their best.

You can find her on her socials @sayhitojasmine, and at her website

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HOW I WORK - General Overview

Holistic Approach: I integrate hands-on experience with scientifically proven methods.

Diversity Embrace: Specialized in creating radiant skin for all ethnicities and skin tones.

Product Philosophy: All products used and retailed are botanical, toxic-free, plant-based, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Background: As a skin care researcher, my background empowers me to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring effective and innovative treatments.


Clinical-grade: formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, rigorous testing, and targeted and effective solutions.

Botanical: Utilizing the power of botanical ingredients.

Toxic-Free: Free from harmful toxins for a clean approach.

Plant-Based: Harnessing the benefits of plant-derived elements.

Clean: Committed to clean formulations.

Vegan: Supporting a cruelty-free and plant-centric lifestyle.

Cruelty-Free: Upholding ethical practices in all aspects.

At Jasmine Skin Care Studio, I welcome everyone to experience personalized, high-quality skincare that enhances your unique beauty.

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