I've been seeing Jasmine since my rosacea and acne bootcamp, and have booked more sessions to see her since. Jasmine is very kind, knowledgeable, and loves to get to know you as a person. I've also met her cute dog, who is eager to greet you

Since bootcamp, I've continued on with products from Lira, Face Reality, and Skin Script, all which have slowly helped brighten my redness! I also have some eczema throughout my body (arms and legs, in particular) and she has helped me research ways to heal the skin, without steroids given to me by a dermatologist.

I am getting married next year, and Jasmine has been diligently helping me improve my skin and complexion. She is always one phone call or text away!

Can't wait to see you for our next session!

J S.

I am an online customer and completed an online consultation with Jasmine. I had no idea what to expect. But let me tell you, I am so impressed with how very detail oriented and thoughtful she is with her customers. I am do glad I did this. Her recommended products have helped me achieve (Finally!!) that "donut glaze" look to my skin, redness reduction and reduction in my melasma. She is the best and goes above and beyond for her customers. I loved the free samples she sends too!

Kellie N.

Love Jas! Love the bio peel and facials. Get the packages!! I Have seen big results with my sun spots! Go to her!


Dee H.

My teen daughter wanted a lash tint and lift- It was very easy to schedule an appointment and my daughter is over the moon happy with the result! Jasmine did a fantastic job!

Brenda R.

I love Jasmine! I made an appointment for a lash lift with tint and got my eyebrows
shaped. I am so happy with the results. My lashes and brows look fantastic!

Rachel W.

I'm never disappointed. I booked a help me choose facial. Took a moment to customize my facial and provide an excellent option. She is extremely knowledgeable and walked me through the plan. The green facial with sea glass is amazing. My face was screaming for love and attention and she gave it what it needed. I'll be back!

Kambryn D.

Jasmine is absolutely wonderful. Her shop is clean, calm and relaxing. She provides care at an individual level and takes her time explaining her products and methodologies for your specific skin type and needs. My skin has become more fuller and healthy feeling in the last six months I have been seeing her. She is always willing to go the extra step and provide exceptional service. The eye cream she recommended for me worked better than the dozens I have tried over the years and in just a few months my confidence has gone up and up.

Shawn V.

Absolutely great time! Jasmines personality and charisma alongside her meticulous work and expertise are the reasons I'll be coming back.

Abraham S.

I found Jasmine online while researching getting help with acne, I went to her studio and purchased her Acne Bootcamp package, which included products and 3 facials. My skin is now looking better than ever, I feel so confident now that I have been even going to parties with no face makeup, which I would have NEVER done before. Jasmine is also very kind and seems to genuinely care about her clients. Once I graduate acne bootcamp I will continue going to her for regular facials because I have never felt better in my skin. Thank you Jasmine!

Catherine G.

My skin always looks amazing after seeing Jasmine! I have very sensitive skin with rosacea and she always knows exactly what to do to calm my redness and give me the most amazing glow. I usually go with the Help me Choose option so I can get her expert opinion on what my skin needs that day. Her presence is so friendly and calming- I always leave feeling very refreshed. She is also my go to for a lash lift and tint!

Genevieve G.

I found Jasmine last Summer when I hit my absolute limit on my skin issues. I booked an acne facial (never had one before), but I ended up enrolled in her complete Acne Bootcamp based on her suggestion. The program (with her as a constant guide through the ups and downs of improving the look of my skin) includes a tailored skin care routine, in studio treatments, and lifestyle modification. I can honestly say that my skin looks so much better than it did before I found her studio and trusted her with my skin. It is most definitely an investment, but if you've already tried everything else, aren't you worth the investment?

Other things of note: her studio is clean and I appreciate how she takes precautions seriously by only booking one appointment at a time, and by requiring masks and vaccinations. That was important to me especially with having someone work so closely with my face.

Jasmine is very nice, attentive with your concerns, and mindful of your budget, so if you're looking for an aesthetician give her your business.

It's now been 8 months since beginning to see her and my skin is smooth and clear! It's been a huge night and day difference and I'm thankful I took the plunge.

Hope D.

Jasmine is so amazing!! Totally made my lashes look INCREDIBLE. (See before and after pics!)
She follows very safe Covid protocols and everything is sanitized and clean. I felt very safe.
Would highly recommend the lash lift and tint!! I haven't worn mascara or curled my eyelashes for 2 weeks still!! Saves so much time and makes me feel really confident with "no makeup".

Caitlin C.

I live in Glendale, and after scouring reviews for the best lash lift person I decided on Jasmine. I was nervous because she is in Valley Village, which is out of my "bubble" of driving here, but after looking at her work I took a chance. I use latisse so I have really long, thick lashes. Lots of people told me a lift would never work because of this, so I wanted to be sure I went to a real pro.

First off, Jasmine is peeps. Like, we could have been related. She's hella cool, easy to talk to, and she knows about the science behind her products and services, which is huge for me. She's been doing this for like 30 years I think she said. Also, extreme bonus here, but you can book your spot online. This is mandatory for me, because I don't have time to call places to get appointments. Her space is super cute and extremely clean and comfortable, too.

Anyway, on to the lashes. She totally knew what she was going. Because my lashes are long and thick she timed the perm solution just right. My lashes are perfectly curled. I can't wait to go back and also get a facial next time I get my lash lift. I'm so glad I found her.

Robin R.

Jasmine is a LASH WIZARD!! She transformed my lashes in a matter of minutes. I absolutely love them. I get a lift and tint and it's so good, people as if I have extensions. 10/10 recommend

Tyler S.

Jasmine is one of the most caring people you will ever meet, as someone who is currently in nursing school and is stressed more then ever with dull acne skin that I often pick at. Jasmine saw a opportunity and helped, I feel more confident, and happier with my appearance. My skin cleared and I look and feel amazing. If you want quality skin by someone who is beautiful inside and out go to jasmine I promise she will change your life and give you confidence you have never felt before.

Victoria R.

I've been to Jasmine twice now for a lash lift + tint and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I've gotten lash lifts before, but none that have enhanced my eye shape like her lifts do. She is extremely knowledgeable and an artist in her craft. It really translates in her work.

Michelle G.

Jasmine is absolutely lovely. She has been taking care of my skin, lashes and brows for years and I couldn't be happier. She gives such personalized care and is an expert in her craft. I always feel so relaxed and happy by the time I leave and I highly recommend all new clients to ask her what she recommends for skin care, since starting the regimen she prescribed, my skin has never been so consistently clear and amazing. She's a gem!

Jessica E.

Jasmine is great. I've had three facials with her, and each one left my skin glowing and bright. She has successfully changed my skincare routine, and has done so within the confines of my budget and how much time I'm willing to spend each day on my skin. She is a star!

Laura G.

Jasmine is AMAZING! She truly loves her work and takes immense pride in what she does. She is warm, and intuitive, and the most knowledgeable esthetician I have ever met. Since I started seeing her and using the products she recommends I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. I cannot sing her praises enough!

Faith R.

Jasmine is a super attentive facial list and skin care provider. She really takes the time to give you a personalized experience based off your skin type and your background. I always love getting facials and doing an eyelash treatment, and I religiously use the face reality products every day!

Lola B.

I had such an amazing experience with Jasmine! This was my second time coming here, except this time in addition to getting the lash lift + tint I had a skin facial. She gave the "Help me choose" package so as to customize the treatment to my combination skin and address my own concerns. The Microdermabrasion treatment was incredibly helpful at smoothening my skin texture from my milia and clogged up pores! We discussed the ingredients in my products and potential changes I could make in my skincare routine. I left feeling so much happier about my skin and lashes, plus Jasmine is such a knowledgeable and sweet esthetician that truly is passionate about her craft and her clients. Couldn't recommend mores!

Lisette M.

I look forward to my time with Jasmine. Glow up facial is my favorite. It is a plant based alternative to micro needling. My opinion - she is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgably in her field. The ambiance is calm and soothing, its perfect. I always leave there looking radiant. I recommend 100%.

Linda R.

I love this place! Jasmine is beyond knowledgeable and so so experienced in the skin care field. I'm an RN with experience in PRP, stem cell, BB glow and multiple facial procedures. Well, I realized after multiple years in the field Jasmine knows way way more than I do about skin period!!! Shout out to her for being so incredibly meticulous and a skin/body geek!! I'm so like that and truly appreciate those that go above and beyond to understand our skin as well as the additional multiple factors that entails!!! Eternally grateful!!!!

Sheila P.

I had a lash lift + tint with Jasmine about two weeks ago, and let me tell you - it's life changing. I'd been nervous to get one for a while, after seeing horror stories on other lash studios' yelp pages. It wasn't until I came across Jasmine's studio that I felt comfortable finally going through with it. Jasmine was incredible. She is so kind and really takes the time to make sure your lashes are lifted according to eye shape. I had absolutely no issues and LOVE the results. Jasmine 100% knows what she's doing. I will be returning for another as soon as I need it. HIGHLY recommend!

Ashley D.

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