All About Peels | Pre and Post Care

Peels JUMP start cellular turnover which slows down considerably with age. Peels increase the collagen and elasticity of skin producing younger looking (and acting) skin. Peels decrease fine lines and wrinkles, increase buoyancy and combat sun damage.

One peel can make a difference and a series of peels even better.

The amount of actual peeling depends on many factors (age, skin condition and type, skin care routine or lack-there-of, etc.) To maximize the desired outcome of the chemical peel, we recommend that you follow these pre-treatment instructions prior to your scheduled treatment: Our goal now isn't so much to cause visible peeling as it is to infuse the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen, and improve tone. In other words, these are not old school acids which burn like a mother and cause redness and crazy peeling.

*Most acids work on a cellular level that the eye cannot see, creating a beautiful, smooth result, even right after treatment.

Peels, which improve everything from skin tone to texture, vary greatly in intensity.
The word “peel” evokes images of skin shedding off in sheets. Think of them as more of exfoliation and reviving the skin.

You may or may not flake or peel a few days after treatment. If you do not peel, this does not mean the acid was ineffective. Peeling is only a side effect of acid treatments. 
*Most acids work on a cellular level that the eye cannot see, creating a beautiful, smooth result, even right after treatment.

Pretreating the skin (usually with retinol) before peels accomplishes two things: first it thins the epidermis and allows the peel to penetrate deeper and more evenly, and second it suppresses melanocyte pigment production so that the skin is less likely to hyperpigment in response to the peel.

Peels by Lira Clinical Rx, Skin Script and PCA Skin

Your Home Care Regimen:
1. To get the most from your chemical peel, we recommend buying our pre-prep skin care product package (link) and beginning your home care regimen. However,
2.  STOP use of any acids five days prior to the chemical peel.
3. Use a physical SPF with at least an SPF 30+ every day rain or shine for at least three weeks prior to the chemical peel.
4. STOP the use of any benzoyl peroxide product (Purity Gel Spot TX, Acne Lotion, etc.) or any other product that can cause dryness, redness or irritation three days prior to the chemical peel.
5. If prone to cold sores, a physician-dispensed prescription must be used two days before and dive days after the chemical peel.
6. Add a melanin-suppressing serum, such as Lira Lite Serum or Skin Script Retinaldehyde Serum.

In Addition:
• No facial waxing 1 week prior to chemical peel
• No filler 1 week prior to chemical peel
• No IPL or Laser Hair Removal 2 weeks prior to chemical peel
• Botox can be done up to 1 day before a chemical pee