Everything you want to know about Lash Extensions by Jasmine Skin Care

As a Lash Artist and Lash Trainer, I took a break during the pandemic and stopped lashes for safety reasons (long contact time) but I am happy to share that THEY'RE back!


  • Booking an fill appointment - not only will this work out cheaper in the long run than sporadically booking a full set of lashes, it keeps lashes looking beautifully maintained and prevents the dreaded few-lashes-hanging-on-by-a-thread stage.
  • Note: avoid drinking caffeine right before your appointment and try to avoid makeup, SPF and other greasy face creams PRIOR to your appointment so your lashes have the best retention possible.
  • For the first 48 hours after the treatment, clients should not get their hybrid eyelash extensions wet as the adhesive needs time to settle
  • After this initial period, clients ought to clean their lashes every day with a gentle, oil-free cleanser, pat dry gently and brush through with an eyelash brush
  • It’s important to point out that you should only apply slight pressure to their lashes when cleansing them and should avoid rubbing or picking them to prevent unnecessary breakage and premature shedding


I offer both Classic styles and Hybrid, but not Volume.

What are the differences between Classic and Hybrid Lashes?

Classic Lashes mimic the look of a few coats of mascara.

Hybrid Lashes are a combination of Classic and Volume.

Volume are super dense, super thick lashes. I don't do those.

Hybrid Lashes are a game changer for those who want something a little bolder than Classic Lashes, which a 1:1 lash ratio, meaning 1 lash on 1 lash, but a little less dramatic than Volume Lashes. More wearable, in my opinon.

Combining the two techniques, Hybrid Lashes sit somewhere in the middle - they’re not as subtle as Classic Lash Extensions or as dense as Volume Lashes, making Hybrid Lashes ideal for those clients who want the best of both worlds. They also give you the chance to personalize your own style and lash look.


Hybrid lash extensions create a pretty textured and cool spiky look that is also soft at the same time. Clients frequently debate whether to go for Classic, Hybrid or Volume Lashes - the ever-expanding variety of lash looks can certainly give rise to many questions. 

To help offer some impartial advice, weigh the pros and cons of each different lash look and decide which look is more suited to the look you most want to achieve. It’s also important to note that your natural lashes may be better suited to a particular style of extensions - for example, Hybrid Lashes are perfect for people who have sections of their lash line which are sparser than others, or who have naturally thin eyelashes overall. 

Extensions can be added to places where the Natural Lashes are less thick and single extensions can be used in denser parts of the natural lash line, or to create length where the eyelashes are shorter.

On the other hand, Classic Extensions are ideal for those who want a subtle, natural lash look and work well for those who are more focused on achieving length than volume. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the golden question: Which are best, Hybrid Lashes or Classic Lashes? It simply depends on the condition of your natural lashes and the look you most want to achieve. 

If you have tried classic Lash Extensions in the past and aren't sure whether they want to give Volume Lashes a go just yet, Hybrid Lashes are the perfect middle ground. They’ll give you the chance to get a feel for what more voluminous lashes will look like on you. 

Hybrid lashes are best for those who want a little more oomph and who may have naturally spare lash line, whereas classic lashes are perfect for those who want a natural, mascara effect and are less selective on density. 

Either way, I am here to help you choose based on you natural lash, your budget and your desired look.