Lash Lift FAQ

It literally is a perm that makes eyes look more open and pretty without the daily use of the damaging crimper-style eyelash curler or the expense and time of eyelash extensions.

Absolutely! I personally have done HUNDREDS of this service over the years and in fact, have trained many other estheticians how to perform this service as well. I also have had this service many times. The formula is gentle, safe and formulated for the delicate eye area. That being said, the solution never comes in contact with the skin because there is a silicone shield between the lashes and the lid. 

Good question! Your lashes should be 3/4 inch.(about the length of a grain of rice) or the length of your pinky finger nail. If unsure, please text me PRIOR to making appointment, I am happy to help!

Please be advised that we do appreciate your business and also know you appreciate our time. So, we charge a $25 non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment and if your lashes are not long enough, you can apply that deposit to a lash growth serum we sell.

Your lashes are strong, healthy and a decent length.
Please see *list of contraindications.
Lash growth serums such as Latisse can interfere with the curling of the lashes. Please stop growth serums for at least 2 weeks prior to receiving this service.
Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

The whole process (with tint) takes 30- 45 minutes door-to-door

Note: During the service, once we get the lashes glued up onto the shield, clients take a lash nap. I frequently check on your comfort and am 5 feet away at my desk probably looking at instagram and dreaming of vacation or tacos or both….

Once those little soldiers are glued up, there is nothing to do but let them process, just like at the hair salon.

For a very, very few, sometimes this service can feel slightly irritating or even, claustrophobic, so please evaluate if this service is a good fit for you PRIOR to booking.

Be assured that this process is completely safe, painless and I have literally HUNDREDS of happy clients who received this service.

The benefit to tinting the lashes is that it plumps up the lashes while also adding depth and a dark color. It will look like you are wearing mascara without the hassle.

Clean and sanitized silicone shields (the curler) are gently glued onto the top of the eyelid with water-soluble glue and then, the lashes are gently organized onto the top of the shied in preparation for perming. All of this is done very carefully and gently and no perm solution comes in contact with your skin. Then, a series of different solutions are carefully applied to achieve the lifting effect (the last solution is the Keratin conditioner which keeps the lashes lustrous and gorgeous.)

I use the highly-rated Elleebana

Studio Tip: it is as low-fume as possible, however please note that ALL perming serums contain a distinct scent due to the chemicals that do the magic. Just like getting you hair colored or permed, a lash lift is a chemical treatment.

YES! Please be aware that use of lash growth serums PRIOR (such Grande Lash or Latisse, etc) MAY interfere with the lash lift.

We recommend stopping ALL lash growth serums 7 days PRIOR to getting the lift. 

*The list of factors can interfere with the lifting process as well:
• sleep positions
• uneven lashes
• chronic eye rubbing
• natural shedding
• lash extensions
• strip (false) lashes
• allergies
• medications
• immune disorders
• hormones
• topical or internal acne medications
• retin-A or other skin care products
• pregnancy

For example, if you are a side sleeper, the side you sleep on will have shorter, more worn lashes.

Or, you are on a medication, it can interfere with the lift.

Or, pregnancy typically also yields unpredictable results. Hormones affect the outcome! This is a “do at your own risk,” because the lashes may not curl evenly, or at all.

Due to any of these factors, the lashes may not lift or lift as much as you would like them to.

I got you! I am a Master Esthetician, makeup artist and brow shaper extraordinaire and would be happy to shape, trim, tweeze and wax them into a perfect shape for you. Add a brow tint and your brows will compliment your lashes beautifully.

Studio Tip: we believe in keeping the brows as thick as possible. So we can even just do a clean-up. Let’s tidy those brows!

The aftercare is simple:
For the 24-48 hours:
• Don’t wear mascara or any lash makeup
• Do not use eyelash curlers as they will kink the fragile lashes and cause breakage
• Don’t t get your eyelashes wet as it ay weaken the lift
• Don’t t use any products on your lashes
• Don’t t rub your eyes. Remember they were just chemically curled and are fragile.
• Avoid swimming, sauna & steam
• Don’t use any products on your lashes
• Avoid excessive sweating
• Be careful in the shower to avoid the direct spray on them
• Don’t sleep on your face
• Most important, do not use oil-based products as it breaks dow the bond of the curl.

After 48 hours
• It is ok to re-start or begin a lash growth serum (we sell Grande Lash and
everyone loves it)
• Come get a new lift + tint in 4-6 weeks

We are not responsible for any outcomes if strict adherence to aftercare is not followed. 

If any of the above *list are not factors, let me know ASAP (immediately or no later than 48 hours) and I will help to problem solve.

It is important to note that more than likely it is due to the natural differences between the two sides of our bodies and especially lashes.

No one is perfectly symmetrical, including our lashes. And the density, thickness and length will vary from side to side due to lifestyle and genetics.

As my Esthetics instructor explained to me many years ago, the brows (and hence, the lashes) can never be twins, but they can be cousins.

Studio Tip: side-sleeping plays a big role in this.

Sometimes we can just re-curl them if it is a big difference but for subtle differences, it really is unnoticeable to anyone except you and may just be as good as it gets.

Either way, let’s have a conversation about it and see what we can do.

YES! A great solution is to start a lash growth serum (I sell and love Grande Lash) or if you prefer a more natural, albeit slower method: castor oil.

You will see results in 4-6 weeks with a serum and the one I sell is safe to use on lash extensions and lash lifts.

Easy-peasy. Let’s re-tint them.

It is totally normal that while the perm is growing out, for the lashes to not look perfect. This is because the lashes (just like the hair on your head) will shed, relax and grow at different rates.

This can be the dreaded grow-out period. Rest assured that we can re-perm them as soon as four weeks if you miss the neat, orderly and pretty look of the lift/perm.


If there are any problems with over-curling or any other issue, we are happy to assist but ask that you please notify us within 24 - 48 hours for a follow-up appointment for any corrections.

After 48 Note: hours, any changes WILL require a new, paid appointment.

I will always give an honest assessment prior to perming and we respect your decision to pursue this service at your own expense. I provide this information to aid you in the best decision possible.

Here is my number for easy contact: Jasmine (818) 669-0333

We charge for the appointment time, materials and labor costs regardless of the outcome. And if lashes are not long enough to perm or there is some other contraindication, we will communicate that to you.

We do not guarantee your lashes will lift, but we will do our best and we have HUNDREDS of happy clients and look forward to making you one of them.