Lira 3D Peel Series Package

3 Lira Clinical treatments are performed spaced 3 weeks apart from each other to correct, brighten and hydrate the skin. All Lira Clinical Resurfacing Solutions are blended with plant-derived stem cells, multiple peptide chains (controlling irritation), potent antioxidants (limiting inflammation), and healing minerals.

Sal Pulp Refresh Peel to CORRECT. Skin should be prepped 10-14 days prior with proper and professional home care.

Lactic Refresh Peel to LIGHTEN.

Mystiq Elite to HYDRATE – This can be done 10-14 days following last peel.

3 x 30 minute treatments     |  $325

The 3D Series is a 6 week peel package that corrects, lightens & hydrates. We start with the Sal Pulp Refresh, next we use the Lactic Clear Definer, & lastly we finish off with the MYSTIQ Elite Treatment which consists of the Vita Brite Refresher. Each peel is space out with 2 week intervals.